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"Cornish Gay Men" vs Cornish Game Hen.
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The misspeaking disease

[livejournal.com profile] lasher How many cows does stomach have, Four or Thirty-Two?
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(no subject)

Whopper blizzard

Is it a meat storm, or an ice cream delight?
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"I want to change the world" makes me think to ask if the world has just wet itself, or if we need extra world-wipes for a bigger mess.
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Mudgina - what's left over after the road-runner does his little tongue thing and kicks up dust on the way out...
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bad pun

postal porn vs mail porn vs male porn

It's not even funny, but seemed a little such for 27us
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Corn Silencer.
(Not to be confused with the sliencer, which makes the corn more sly).

Shut UP, corn!



schpank me.
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A Cat named Curry

Curry Fritters / Furry Critters
Furry Curry and Critter Fritter
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Archive location

For the most part, we'll be posting stuff at http://www.webgravy.net
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Web.... GRAVY

Carbonated Grease
Carbonated Lard

This was in relation to wanting a greasy hamburger and a very fizzy soda.
Also mirrored to [livejournal.com profile] webgravynet, the rss for http://www.webgravy.net
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More Gravy

Of course, I'm insane, and I have the Misspeaking Disease (tm) from my sister (hrm, that's a gravy bite in and of itself), so here's some new ones:

Genital Store, for all your genital goods (eg General Store)
Bananaise Sandwich

Archive Link
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Johnsonville Sausages?

What about Schlong Brand Sausages?
Ours are schlonger!
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Mo webgravy

Chilleddarganfri's, it only partially sucks.

Salted hash

Did you know that crypt is really :
md5(salt + data)


I didn't. I've gone for years without realizing how simple hashes were. Doh.

Naranja - anaranjado

From English to Spanish, it's Orange -> anaranjado. From Spanish to English, is Naranja -> Orange. Riddle me that, Batman.

What is the perfect way to cut an orange? I figure "perfect" here should be quantified by how the orange ends up. So :
a) Slices should be whole and undamaged, as much as possible
b) The "connective material" between the rind and the orange skin should be minimized

I couldn't think of too many others. I think perfect slices should be just big enough for me to put into my mouth whole.

I also enjoy "flaying" the slices. Take the knife, slide it under the skin, and gently remove it, leaving only the juicy, pulpy insides. Oh yeah. Somehow everyone around me pegged me for a maniac when I explained this behavior to them. I think it makes sense. I'd do it to anything, if I wanted to consume it's sweet, pulpy insides.

All about oranges.
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More funnies

It's not "contact paper".
It's "pantry liners".


Mutt, and general mail annoyance

So, Evolution is being buggy over exported X sessions. Annoying. Mutt doesn't just handle Maildir out of the box. And it doesn't do much of the "nice" things that Evolution does, like integrating with ANYTHING else.

Any suggestions? Webmail? I want an application suite that doesn't suck. I think I'm setting myself up for disappointment.