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Very interesting, young grasshopper. Zen Stories

The variety of responses/reactions posted after each story are pretty cool-- just neat to see how different people react to the same set of words.
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Shamelessly stolen from boingboing: The American Military Operation Name Generating Device. Among my favorites are "Operation Delirious Emu" and "Operation Don't Piss off the Supernova."
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Beef Slurry - I don't remember how I came up with this, but it's definitely webgravy material.

Chocolate Barbecue Malt came up out of a mid-morning dreary not-quite-awake daydream. It was thin and had specks of barbecue seasoning powder that weren't completely dissolved, and were floating on top. Such a thing would be completely vile in real life, but somehow in dreamland it was OK.

Max is a teetering toddler. He runs along and corners on one leg, teetering out. it's so amusing. He's about the cutest thing in the world.
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Mind machine.

Didja try it? Come on. Try it. You'll like it. COME ON HUMAN, TRY THE MIND MACHINE!

Your mind machine is STUPID!
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(CNN) -- An elaborate matrix of paths scattered throughout the entire solar system can dramatically cut the amount of power needed for spacecraft to explore our celestial neighborhood, NASA announced this week.

New planet freeway could transform space travel

local copy )

I think this is WAY cool and maybe it'll help out for the manned Mars mission project.
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Some silly swedish sire secretly is supplanted switch spost saccess son sweb sgravy swhen sI scant sdetermine smore swords sbeginning swith sssssss.

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"I would just like to mention that the [P3] Intel heatsink is the fucking bane of my existence."

{followed by an explanation and a few expletives}


Mar. 17th, 2002 11:33 am
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Portato - squeezable mashed potatos.
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Think About the Kittens

(props to Nata5)

This was misposted to another journal, and I can't backdate to a community, so it's stale, but who cares?

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